Barnsley Gardens Resort

Barnsley Gardens, which is located in Adairsville, GA, is a unique wedding venue in Georgia with a variety of looks offered from its unique and beautiful settings.  It features very unique “ruins” which have become the trademark location for weddings held here. The ruins are one of a kind and something that you will not find anywhere else. These ruins are the remains of a plantation house that once stood on the property. Modern day details of Barnsley Gardens are linked to that of royalty. The surrounding gardens on the property are simply breathtaking as they have been recreated and restored to capture the original beauty of the property. Even the lodging facilities offer unique looks, hardware, and photo opportunities with the cottage like whimsical buildings and walkways with cozy fall or winter fires. This wedding venue always offers plenty of eye catching shots no matter what time of year. Even though it’s a bit spread out, it still makes for a great venue. Due to the layout of the resort, you should expect to be carted to the ceremony site from the resort rooms. Otherwise a long walk would be expected, and that is not always easily done in a stunning wedding gown.
Barnsley Gardens Wedding Photography

What to Expect from a Barnsley Gardens Wedding

  • Convenient location – Just 1 hour outside of Atlanta
  • Historical significance
  • Private setting with gate service on the grounds
  • Variety of wedding photography locations – Ruins and Gardens
  • Shuttle service for wedding guests
  • Wedding and reception on one property
  • Rooms for guests available on property
  • Spa services available

Here is a wedding set from Barnsley Gardens Resort: