Nadia’s styled bridal portrait session

April 6, 2017

This was a different portrait session for me.  The offseason (January through March) is my time to take a break from my normal photo sessions, recharge myself creatively, and get ready for the upcoming wedding season.  I picked up a drone from some aerial work a couple months ago and I’ve had some really cool ideas for utilizing it with my photography.  This session is the result of me asking myself “Do you know what would be cool?”  A killer red dress with a long train and flowing veil from overhead.  That would be very cool. I bounced the idea off my friend Nadia and she was all-in on posing for me.  We managed to dodge the rainstorms this week and get perfect weather on Tuesday for the session.

Here are a few of my favorites from that session.

Nadia also owns a beauty company.  You can go check out some of her work here:  Blush Beauty by Nadia


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