Nitesh and Komal | Proposal in Augusta, GA

July 7, 2016

This one was special for me.  Nitesh contacted me a few months back about being a part of his proposal to his girlfriend of 7 years – Komal.  After weeks of careful planning and every possible detail and scenario accounted for, we were finally ready.

Nitesh was going to have me there under the guise of being a photographer for family photos.  What Komal didn’t know is that as she was walking over to the dock to meet the family and have pictures taken, the family wasn’t there.  Nitesh was, though. I’ve photographed a few proposals before, but never one this up close and personal.  One of the benefits of not having to hide behind a tree or a bush is that I get a much better view of everything and don’t have to worry about being seen.  The proposal itself only lasted a minute or so, but Nitesh and Komal were here next to the lake for probably an hour – just enjoying the moment and looking forward to the future.

A big congrats to these two!  It was an absolute joy being with these two for their special day.



Nitesh_proposal-7 Nitesh_proposal-10 Nitesh_proposal-15 Nitesh_proposal-17 Nitesh_proposal-21 Nitesh_proposal-26 Nitesh_proposal-34 Nitesh_proposal-56 Nitesh_proposal-59 Nitesh_proposal-66 Nitesh_proposal-68 Nitesh_proposal-71 Nitesh_proposal-79 Nitesh_proposal-82 Nitesh_proposal-83 Nitesh_proposal-86 Nitesh_proposal-87 Nitesh_proposal-104 Nitesh_proposal-105 Nitesh_proposal-109

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