Ethan and Megan | Barwick, GA country wedding

March 16, 2015

This was a special wedding for me.  Ethan is my first cousin of mine and this wedding was held on my grandfather’s old farm.  When he passed my uncle complete restored his house and renovated the surrounding land.  That is where Ethan and Megan held their wedding celebration and it was a really special time not only for them but for the entire family.  After battling rainy weather for two straight weeks, we got a warm day of sunlight for the wedding and everything turned out perfectly.

Here are a few of my favorites from the day.  Enjoy!


Howell-2 Howell-7 Howell-17 Howell-19 Howell-23 Howell-33 Howell-40 Howell-49 Howell-52 Howell-53 Howell-56 Howell-63 Howell-68 Howell-72 Howell-81 Howell-99 Howell-103 Howell-115 Howell-123 Howell-130 Howell-134 Howell-183 Howell-188 Howell-200 Howell-204 Howell-206 Howell-212 Howell-213 Howell-225 Howell-229 Howell-232 Howell-239 Howell-241 Howell-249 Howell-263 Howell-286 Howell-287 Howell-288 Howell-289 Howell-292 Howell-333

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