Casey and Tyler’s Auburn Alabama, Lazenby Farms wedding

December 29, 2014

Here are some highlights from Casey and Tyler’s beautiful wedding at Lazenby Farm.  We had an incredibly nice December afternoon to work with and everything went wonderfully.  They will also have an awesome anniversary date of 12-13-14 :)

If you haven’t seen it yet, go check out their engagement session and Casey’s bridal session.

I hope you guys had a great holiday season and congratulations to all of the newly engaged couples.  Here’s to an awesome 2015!


Dial-14 Dial-16 Dial-19 Dial-24 Dial-27 Dial-33 Dial-44 Dial-46 Dial-57 Dial-97 Dial-110 Dial-113 Dial-119 Dial-122 Dial-124 Dial-125 Dial-141 Dial-151 Dial-154 Dial-182 Dial-184 Dial-199 Dial-203 Dial-208 Dial-218 Dial-225 Dial-236 Dial-243 Dial-246 Dial-250 Dial-265 Dial-298 Dial-300 Dial-303 Dial-313 Dial-314 Dial-341 Dial-343 Dial-346 Dial-352 Dial-365 Dial-387 Dial-397 Dial-468 Dial-475 Dial-477 Dial-536 Dial-537 Dial-539-2 Dial-545 Dial-559 Dial-590 Dial-599 Dial-615

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