Liza and Monuj – The Mackey House Savannah wedding

December 14, 2014

Here are some highlights from Liza and Monuj’s wonderful wedding at The  Mackey House in Savannah last month.  They had a dual ceremony (Hindu/Christian) day with a very interesting mix of cultures.  Overall a gorgeous celebration with a great couple.  Go check out their  mehndi here as well:  Liza and Monuj’ mehndi.



Bashambu-10 Bashambu-16 Bashambu-26 Bashambu-30 Bashambu-77 Bashambu-110 Bashambu-123 Bashambu-149 Bashambu-152 Bashambu-168 Bashambu-172 Bashambu-238 Bashambu-264 Bashambu-277 Bashambu-289 Bashambu-306 Bashambu-325 Bashambu-345 Bashambu-350 Bashambu-370 Bashambu-371 Bashambu-373 Bashambu-392 Bashambu-399 Bashambu-404 Bashambu-447 Bashambu-475 Bashambu-497 Bashambu-507 Bashambu-517 Bashambu-519 Bashambu-524 Bashambu-530 Bashambu-538 Bashambu-587 Bashambu-635 Bashambu-654 Bashambu-685 Bashambu-687 Bashambu-712 Bashambu-719 Bashambu-744 Bashambu-750 Bashambu-754

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