Amaka and Ike | Atlanta Nigerian wedding at The Temple

August 13, 2014

I got to spend the whole day with Ike and Amaka documenting their Nigerian wedding a couple weeks ago.  The ceremony was at the Tabernacle Assembly of God and the reception was at The Temple.  I really loved the rich colors of their traditional outfits and all of the fun traditions they did.  Enjoy!


Ndukwe-10 Ndukwe-12 Ndukwe-34 Ndukwe-36 Ndukwe-45 Ndukwe-46 Ndukwe-74 Ndukwe-82 Ndukwe-85 Ndukwe-92 Ndukwe-107 Ndukwe-128 Ndukwe-192 Ndukwe-205 Ndukwe-217 Ndukwe-218 Ndukwe-220 Ndukwe-246 Ndukwe-308 Ndukwe-331 Ndukwe-345 Ndukwe-356 Ndukwe-357 Ndukwe-364 Ndukwe-367 Ndukwe-380 Ndukwe-400 Ndukwe-413 Ndukwe-425 Ndukwe-433 Ndukwe-457 Ndukwe-467 Ndukwe-468 Ndukwe-478 Ndukwe-481 Ndukwe-487 Ndukwe-530 Ndukwe-550 Ndukwe-588 Ndukwe-599 Ndukwe-602 Ndukwe-616 Ndukwe-640 Ndukwe-668

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