Salma and Naushad | Decatur GA | Wedding Reception

July 3, 2014

We stopped in downtown Decatur for a portrait session with this beautiful couple before heading to their wedding reception at Zyka restaurant.  Everything was beautiful and they had great singing and dancing at the reception.  Naushad’s brother and sister in law put on quite a show for the new bride.  Here are a few of my favorites from their day.  Enjoy :)


Hossain-1 Hossain-7 Hossain-16 Hossain-26 Hossain-30 Hossain-33 Hossain-47 Hossain-51 Hossain-60 Hossain-61 Hossain-80 Hossain-81 Hossain-92 Hossain-168 Hossain-187 Hossain-192 Hossain-193 Hossain-200 Hossain-203 Hossain-238 Hossain-249 Hossain-269 Hossain-301 Hossain-306

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