Julia and Jonathan | The Conservatory at Waterstone Wedding

June 10, 2014

Julia and Jonathan are a couple friends of mine who I went to Georgia Tech with.  It’s really special when I get to photograph a wedding like this.  Here are the highlights from their wedding and reception at the Conservatory at Waterstone.


Sharma-8 Sharma-9 Sharma-20 Sharma-23 Sharma-31 Sharma-49 Sharma-53 Sharma-62 Sharma-84 Sharma-88 Sharma-96 Sharma-98 Sharma-104 Sharma-138 Sharma-146 Sharma-153 Sharma-178 Sharma-208 Sharma-215 Sharma-216 Sharma-223 Sharma-254 Sharma-268 Sharma-272 Sharma-279 Sharma-332 Sharma-337 Sharma-366 Sharma-392 Sharma-394 Sharma-413 Sharma-422 Sharma-426 Sharma-429 Sharma-432 Sharma-434

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