Barbie and Jason | White Columns Country Club wedding

May 23, 2014

Barbie and Jason are musicians that run a music producing studio, which means they are both cooler than most people.  I photographed Jason’s brother’s wedding 4 years ago and was honored when they came back to me for his wedding this year.

Here are some of my favorites from this great looking couple’s special day.  Enjoy!


Andrews-3 Andrews-15 Andrews-19 Andrews-21 Andrews-32 Andrews-33 Andrews-51 Andrews-71 Andrews-73 Andrews-82 Andrews-90 Andrews-92 Andrews-105 Andrews-112 Andrews-129 Andrews-142 Andrews-151 Andrews-164 Andrews-168 Andrews-184 Andrews-194 Andrews-198 Andrews-206 Andrews-224 Andrews-227 Andrews-231 Andrews-240 Andrews-243 Andrews-264 Andrews-266 Andrews-269 Andrews-281 Andrews-301 Andrews-303 Andrews-332 Andrews-336 Andrews-345 Andrews-354 Andrews-365 Andrews-366 Andrews-379 Andrews-418 Andrews-430 Andrews-434 Andrews-457

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