Shreyas & Margarita | Atlanta Botanical Gardens Wedding

May 21, 2014

Here are some of my favorites from Shreyas and Margarita’s beautiful wedding at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  Despite the rain, we got some really amazing images there on the grounds and a great time was had by all.

Enjoy! :)


Mistry-3 Mistry-10 Mistry-23 Mistry-29 Mistry-34 Mistry-38 Mistry-39 Mistry-45 Mistry-46 Mistry-50 Mistry-59 Mistry-66 Mistry-68 Mistry-89 Mistry-102 Mistry-110 Mistry-119 Mistry-124 Mistry-150 Mistry-154 Mistry-158 Mistry-169 Mistry-191 Mistry-195 Mistry-198 Mistry-219 Mistry-220 Mistry-232 Mistry-243 Mistry-248 Mistry-262 Mistry-267 Mistry-286 Mistry-292 Mistry-299 Mistry-324 Mistry-339 Mistry-350 Mistry-357
Mistry-402 Mistry-406 Mistry-492

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