S&S | Atlanta Hindu wedding

May 8, 2014

Here is part one of this beautiful wedding celebration at the Atlanta Marriott Northwest.  Keep an eye out for part two coming soon!


Patil_ceremony-8 Patil_ceremony-22 Patil_ceremony-36 Patil_ceremony-43 Patil_ceremony-47 Patil_ceremony-63 Patil_ceremony-69 Patil_ceremony-71 Patil_ceremony-80 Patil_ceremony-91 Patil_ceremony-106 Patil_ceremony-112 Patil_ceremony-119 Patil_ceremony-125 Patil_ceremony-135 Patil_ceremony-146 Patil_ceremony-154 Patil_ceremony-182 Patil_ceremony-183 Patil_ceremony-184 Patil_ceremony-193 Patil_ceremony-201 Patil_ceremony-203 Patil_ceremony-234 Patil_ceremony-275 Patil_ceremony-279


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