Nicole | Augusta Bridal Session

April 28, 2014

I traveled to Augusta about two months ago for Nicole’s bridal session.  We went to a couple top-secret locations and was even asked by military police to leave at one of the places.  Nonetheless, we got some amazing images and I’m very excited to be able to finally share these.  Look for some very special images from Nicole and Kevin’s wedding in the next couple weeks.

Stay tuned!


Nicole_Moody_Bridal-19 Nicole_Moody_Bridal-38 Nicole_Moody_Bridal-40 Nicole_Moody_Bridal-45 Nicole_Moody_Bridal-49 Nicole_Moody_Bridal-50 Nicole_Moody_Bridal-56 Nicole_Moody_Bridal-67 Nicole_Moody_Bridal-69 Nicole_Moody_Bridal-74 Nicole_Moody_Bridal-75 Nicole_Moody_Bridal-82

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