Alison and Chris | Atlanta, GA | Piedmont Estate and Gardens Wedding

April 23, 2014

I got to spend all day with Alison and Chris for their beautiful wedding at Piedmont Estate and Gardens last weekend.  I’ve actually been to this venue a few times before (back when it was Anthony’s Fine Dining) and it has changed a lot.  The recent renovations  transformed the place into a stunningly beautiful wedding venue.  Everything about this day was truly fantastic.  I really loved all of these.


Miller-11 Miller-23 Miller-38 Miller-46 Miller-48 Miller-58 Miller-62 Miller-65 Miller-91 Miller-101 Miller-107 Miller-109 Miller-118 Miller-128 Miller-130 Miller-148 Miller-161 Miller-172 Miller-202 Miller-215 Miller-226 Miller-228 Miller-229 Miller-239 Miller-271 Miller-275 Miller-311 Miller-317 Miller-328 Miller-344 Miller-351 Miller-362 Miller-416 Miller-420 Miller-434 Miller-436 Miller-462 Miller-471 Miller-474 Miller-550 Miller-556 Miller-558 Miller-618 Miller-619 Miller-682 Miller-715 Miller-717 Miller-719

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