Josh and Michelle | Engagement Session

April 21, 2014

This was one of those sessions that seemed like it was more hanging out with good friends than actually doing work.  Josh and Michelle are close friends of my wife and I and we really had a great time at Barnsley Gardens for their engagement session.  Needless to say, Barnsley is amazingly beautiful and the scenery was as close to ideal as you could ask for.  This was probably one of my favorite sessions of the year.  What a great time!


Guterman_engagement-3 Guterman_engagement-13 Guterman_engagement-16 Guterman_engagement-26 Guterman_engagement-36 Guterman_engagement-47 Guterman_engagement-49 Guterman_engagement-55 Guterman_engagement-60 Guterman_engagement-70 Guterman_engagement-71 Guterman_engagement-94 Guterman_engagement-98 Guterman_engagement-99 Guterman_engagement-101 Guterman_engagement-103 Guterman_engagement-107

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