Roshni and Kunaal | Atlanta Indian Wedding | Hyatt Regency

January 15, 2014

I had the pleasure of documenting Roshni and Kunaal’s wedding celebrations just before Christmas at the Atlanta  Hyatt Regency here in town.  They had a Hindu ceremony in the morning, with a reception in the evening.  This is the first half of their day – the wedding reception.  The second half was equally as amazing and is coming up soon.



Patel_Wedding-10 Patel_Wedding-13 Patel_Wedding-14 Patel_Wedding-15 Patel_Wedding-23 Patel_Wedding-32 Patel_Wedding-52 Patel_Wedding-63 Patel_Wedding-64 Patel_Wedding-67 Patel_Wedding-106 Patel_Wedding-111 Patel_Wedding-115 Patel_Wedding-116 Patel_Wedding-125 Patel_Wedding-126 Patel_Wedding-133 Patel_Wedding-143 Patel_Wedding-155 Patel_Wedding-163 Patel_Wedding-196 Patel_Wedding-204 Patel_Wedding-206 Patel_Wedding-208 Patel_Wedding-228 Patel_Wedding-230 Patel_Wedding-240 Patel_Wedding-250 Patel_Wedding-251 Patel_Wedding-259 Patel_Wedding-274 Patel_Wedding-288 Patel_Wedding-296 Patel_Wedding-305 Patel_Wedding-310 Patel_Wedding-314 Patel_Wedding-326 Patel_Wedding-332 Patel_Wedding-351 Patel_Wedding-354 Patel_Wedding-369 Patel_Wedding-386 Patel_Wedding-388 Patel_Wedding-402 Patel_Wedding-410 Patel_Wedding-412 Patel_Wedding-458

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