Kunaal and Roshni | Atlanta Indian Wedding | Phiti

January 13, 2014

I had the pleasure of documenting Kunaal and Roshni’s Hindu wedding celebrations just before Christmas this year.  This is their phiti, the first of three events for them.  These are always lots of fun, with the friends and family smearing the yellow paste all over the couple.  If we’re honest though, I think they went a little tougher on Kunaal than Roshni.  Very fun and super colorful, I really loved these.

Stay tuned for more great stuff coming up soon!


Patel_Pithi-1 Patel_Pithi-8 Patel_Pithi-10 Patel_Pithi-30 Patel_Pithi-42 Patel_Pithi-43 Patel_Pithi-69 Patel_Pithi-91 Patel_Pithi-92 Patel_Pithi-100 Patel_Pithi-122 Patel_Pithi-124 Patel_Pithi-141 Patel_Pithi-156 Patel_Pithi-170 Patel_Pithi-179 Patel_Pithi-193

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