Shreyas and Margarita | Atlanta Botanical Gardens Engagement

December 23, 2013

This might be my favorite engagement session of the year.  Shreyas and Margarita are having their wedding at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens in May and we were able to get special access to the grounds during their “garden lights” exhibit.  Ordinarily they don’t allow portrait sessions there, but we were able to pull some strings and get in.  The exhibit was very cool and made for some really amazing pictures.  This are some of my favorite kinds of images to produce – bright and full of color.

So here’s to a great holiday season and a great upcoming year.  Enjoy! :)


Mistry_engagement-2 Mistry_engagement-8 Mistry_engagement-14 Mistry_engagement-16 Mistry_engagement-21 Mistry_engagement-24 Mistry_engagement-27 Mistry_engagement-28 Mistry_engagement-30 Mistry_engagement-43 Mistry_engagement-47 Mistry_engagement-62 Mistry_engagement-68 Mistry_engagement-81 Mistry_engagement-82 Mistry_engagement-87 Mistry_engagement-88

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