Augusta GA | Old Medical College wedding

December 16, 2013

I spent the entire day with Rachel and Jason on their wedding.  I caught so many great moments between friends, family, and loved ones.  This is definitely one of my favorite weddings of the year, if only for the people.  Such a great time was had by all, there was no way that 46 images could capture it all, but here is a sample.


Ceremony venue: Grace Baptist Church
Reception venue:  Old Medical College in Augusta


Hattaway-2 Hattaway-11 Hattaway-23 Hattaway-27 Hattaway-33 Hattaway-62 Hattaway-75 Hattaway-88 Hattaway-139 Hattaway-142 Hattaway-148 Hattaway-150 Hattaway-155 Hattaway-221 Hattaway-223 Hattaway-231 Hattaway-233 Hattaway-234 Hattaway-295 Hattaway-296 Hattaway-302 Hattaway-323 Hattaway-390 Hattaway-392 Hattaway-397 Hattaway-405 Hattaway-439 Hattaway-442 Hattaway-446 Hattaway-504 Hattaway-544 Hattaway-557 Hattaway-578 Hattaway-586 Hattaway-605 Hattaway-610 Hattaway-619 Hattaway-622 Hattaway-629 Hattaway-631 Hattaway-632 Hattaway-645 Hattaway-646 Hattaway-649 Hattaway-689

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