Rachel | Augusta, GA | Bridal Portraits

December 9, 2013

I went to Augusta a few weeks ago to do Rachel’s bridal portraits.  I absolutely LOVED these and it killed me not to be able to share them.  Well, her wedding was this past weekend so I now finally have the green light to share them.  Enjoy!


Hattaway_Bridal-8 Hattaway_Bridal-28 Hattaway_Bridal-36 Hattaway_Bridal-38 Hattaway_Bridal-39 Hattaway_Bridal-49 Hattaway_Bridal-56 Hattaway_Bridal-68 Hattaway_Bridal-73 Hattaway_Bridal-85 Hattaway_Bridal-90

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