Matt and Bethany | Ashton Gardens Wedding

December 4, 2013

I really enjoyed my time with Matt and Bethany two weeks ago.  We stopped by downtown Buford for a few pictures before going to Ashton Gardens for the ceremony and reception.  Here are a few of my favorites from their day.

Wedding Venue: Ashton Gardens


Tuttle-21 Tuttle-34 Tuttle-39 Tuttle-58 Tuttle-65 Tuttle-73 Tuttle-90 Tuttle-109 Tuttle-127 Tuttle-136 Tuttle-181 Tuttle-187 Tuttle-192 Tuttle-213 Tuttle-224 Tuttle-230 Tuttle-243 Tuttle-257 Tuttle-288 Tuttle-310 Tuttle-313 Tuttle-327 Tuttle-330 Tuttle-356 Tuttle-359 Tuttle-363 Tuttle-366 Tuttle-374 Tuttle-392 Tuttle-402 Tuttle-405 Tuttle-410

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