Kory and Raquel | Proposal

December 3, 2013

I love proposals like this.  Kory called me a couple weeks ago saying he was going to propose to his girlfriend and wanted me to capture it.  We bounced some ideas off each other and eventually settled on Stone Mountain Park.  The trick then is to be able to get close enough to capture the proposal and not be seen.  Instead of trying to be covert, a better plan is to hide in plain sight.  I arrived there about 20 minutes before Kory and Raquel to pretend like I was taking pictures of the park.  When they arrived, Kory was going to ask an innocent bystander to take their picture with his phone.  Well instead of his phone I used my own camera and instead of a run-of-the-mill selfie, I photographed him proposing.

It was a great moment that worked out perfectly.  Here are some of of my favorite shots from the morning:


Vaughn_proposal-2 Vaughn_proposal-4 Vaughn_proposal-8 Vaughn_proposal-12 Vaughn_proposal-18 Vaughn_proposal-25 Vaughn_proposal-27 Vaughn_proposal-32 Vaughn_proposal-34

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