Rachana and Chai | Atlanta, GA | Hindu Wedding

October 8, 2013

Here are a few of my favorites from Rachana and Chai’s beautiful wedding at the Westin Atlanta Perimeter North Hotel.  They had their wedding and reception in the same day, making for an all day festive event.  This is the first part of their day, the ceremony.  Look for part 2 coming up soon.



Sheode-1 Sheode-16 Sheode-23 Sheode-45 Sheode-67 Sheode-70 Sheode-72 Sheode-115 Sheode-117 Sheode-120 Sheode-138 Sheode-140 Sheode-146 Sheode-164 Sheode-167 Sheode-170 Sheode-174 Sheode-184 Sheode-196 Sheode-197 Sheode-206 Sheode-215 Sheode-225 Sheode-232 Sheode-249 Sheode-257 Sheode-260 Sheode-264 Sheode-267 Sheode-292 Sheode-294 Sheode-411 Sheode-412 Sheode-418 Sheode-421 Sheode-426 Sheode-428

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