Atlanta, GA | St. Jude’s Catholic Church wedding

September 25, 2013

Here are some of my favorites from Yolanda and Patrick’s wedding a couple weeks ago.  They got married at St. Jude’s then went to Ray’s on the River for a simple reception with close friends and family.  As much as I like a white wedding dress, the traditional red Chinese wedding dress is stunning.  I love that Yolanda decided to wear one during the wedding reception.  It was a real treat being with these guys.

Wedding Venue: St. Jude’s Catholic Church
Reception Venue: Ray’s on the River


St. Hilaire-4 St. Hilaire-6 St. Hilaire-9 St. Hilaire-17 St. Hilaire-37 St. Hilaire-55 St. Hilaire-57 St. Hilaire-58 St. Hilaire-59 St. Hilaire-68 St. Hilaire-83 St. Hilaire-87 St. Hilaire-92 St. Hilaire-103 St. Hilaire-111 St. Hilaire-118 St. Hilaire-129 St. Hilaire-140 St. Hilaire-145 St. Hilaire-148 St. Hilaire-153 St. Hilaire-196 St. Hilaire-198 St. Hilaire-203 St. Hilaire-222 St. Hilaire-227 St. Hilaire-232 St. Hilaire-234 St. Hilaire-242 St. Hilaire-244 St. Hilaire-249 St. Hilaire-263 St. Hilaire-274 St. Hilaire-275 St. Hilaire-283 St. Hilaire-284 St. Hilaire-287 St. Hilaire-295 St. Hilaire-304 St. Hilaire-318 St. Hilaire-326 St. Hilaire-327

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