Tina and Terrell | Lawrenceville GA | Little Gardens Wedding

September 18, 2013

I was really looking forward to this one.  Tina and Terrell are tons of fun.  Their engagement session was a blast and I just knew their wedding would be the same.  These guys sincerity and love for each other really shown through to all of their friends and family that day.  Terrell’s expressions as Tina was walking down the aisle were some of my personal favorites.

These were a real treat for me.
Wedding Venue:  Little Gardens


Tisdale-19 Tisdale-23 Tisdale-29 Tisdale-47 Tisdale-50 Tisdale-70 Tisdale-77 Tisdale-85 Tisdale-89 Tisdale-90 Tisdale-94 Tisdale-116 Tisdale-144 Tisdale-181 Tisdale-194 Tisdale-197 Tisdale-200 Tisdale-208 Tisdale-227 Tisdale-254 Tisdale-256 Tisdale-262 Tisdale-268 Tisdale-275 Tisdale-291 Tisdale-332 Tisdale-346 Tisdale-367 Tisdale-387 Tisdale-409 Tisdale-432 Tisdale-455 Tisdale-461 Tisdale-473 Tisdale-477

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