Augusta, GA | Savannah Rapids Pavilion wedding

September 17, 2013

George and Gina had their wedding ceremony at the beautiful Savannah Rapids Pavilion in Augusta this month.  Here are a few of the highlights from their day.


Cantrell-19 Cantrell-21 Cantrell-23 Cantrell-29 Cantrell-32 Cantrell-55 Cantrell-60 Cantrell-65 Cantrell-72 Cantrell-79 Cantrell-85 Cantrell-95 Cantrell-104 Cantrell-106 Cantrell-129 Cantrell-130 Cantrell-138 Cantrell-159 Cantrell-170 Cantrell-176 Cantrell-179 Cantrell-222 Cantrell-239 Cantrell-266 Cantrell-292 Cantrell-296G

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