Eric and Christhea | Farley Plantation wedding

September 10, 2013

I had the honor of photographing my friend Eric’s wedding a couple weeks ago.  Venue was the beautiful Farley Plantation.  THe weather was very warm, but gorgeous and the grounds could not have looked better for an outdoor ceremony.  I was very impressed with this place and needless to say, Eric and Thea make lovely couple.

I really enjoyed these!


Turner_Day1-14 Turner_Day1-33 Turner_Day1-39 Turner_Day1-50 Turner_Day1-53 Turner_Day1-54 Turner_Day1-72 Turner_Day1-77 Turner_Day1-90 Turner_Day1-92 Turner_Day1-96 Turner_Day1-99 Turner_Day1-107 Turner_Day1-143 Turner_Day1-163 Turner_Day1-164 Turner_Day1-175 Turner_Day1-183 Turner_Day1-193 Turner_Day1-235 Turner_Day1-236 Turner_Day1-245 Turner_Day1-252 Turner_Day1-256 Turner_Day1-282 Turner_Day1-283 Turner_Day1-292 Turner_Day1-310 Turner_Day1-313 Turner_Day1-322 Turner_Day1-325 Turner_Day1-359 Turner_Day1-368 Turner_Day1-389 Turner_Day1-403 Turner_Day1-426 Turner_Day1-429 Turner_Day1-444 Turner_Day1-460 Turner_Day1-462

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