Emily and Doug | Little Gardens Wedding | Lawrenceville

July 25, 2013

Here are some of my favorites from Emily and Doug’s wedding at Little Gardens.  These guys were great fun and despite the quirky, rainy, weather, we managed to get wonderful pictures all day long.

Enjoy! :)


Heend-10 Heend-18 Heend-23 Heend-25 Heend-31 Heend-67 Heend-79 Heend-88 Heend-93 Heend-104 Heend-137 Heend-143 Heend-147 Heend-151 Heend-154 Heend-182 Heend-196 Heend-206 Heend-221 Heend-245 Heend-247 Heend-266 Heend-330 Heend-349 Heend-408 Heend-420 Heend-439 Heend-453 Heend-465

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