Bailey and Will | Georgian Terrace Wedding | Atlanta

July 9, 2013

Here are some highlights from Bailey and Will’s lovely wedding at the Georgian Terrace.  Enjoy :)


Coffer-2 Coffer-13 Coffer-15 Coffer-25 Coffer-50 Coffer-52 Coffer-55 Coffer-58 Coffer-67 Coffer-85 Coffer-133 Coffer-150 Coffer-165 Coffer-205 Coffer-209 Coffer-221 Coffer-228 Coffer-236 Coffer-238 Coffer-239 Coffer-253 Coffer-255 Coffer-263 Coffer-269 Coffer-300 Coffer-351 Coffer-368 Coffer-385 Coffer-394 Coffer-417 Coffer-446 Coffer-458 Coffer-472 Coffer-474nta

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