Nilma & Abbas | Pakistani Nikkah at the Jaffari Center

May 31, 2013

This was the third day of Nilma and Abbas’ wedding celebration – their Nikkah.  The Nikkah is the actual Islamic wedding ceremony.  It was held at the Jaffari Center here in Atlanta.

Enjoy! :)


Nikkah-2 Nikkah-7 Nikkah-14 Nikkah-16 Nikkah-20 Nikkah-44 Nikkah-57 Nikkah-74 Nikkah-75 Nikkah-87 Nikkah-93 Nikkah-98 Nikkah-111 Nikkah-116 Nikkah-119 Nikkah-125 Nikkah-128 Nikkah-136 Nikkah-196 Nikkah-201 Nikkah-205 Nikkah-270 Nikkah-275 Nikkah-279 Nikkah-287 Nikkah-302 Nikkah-314 Nikkah-315 Nikkah-318

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