Chris and Sarah – Serenbe Farm engagement

November 4, 2010

I really loved working with Chris and Sarah.  Really fun and easy going :)  Oh, and the scenery is getting really pretty this time of year.  I’m really happy with these pictures.


Laurie Howard
10:03 November 9, 2010

Hi Jamie - I have admired your work for a couple of months now, yet never posted. I accidentally found your blog one day & I must say, you are an amazing photographer. I am just starting out on my own & I am hoping I can ask a couple of ?'s about the post above? These images are so crisp and clean - I love them!My first ? is what lens did you use for the 1st shot? What about the ring in the flower shot? (This photo is one of my all-time favorites of yours). Also, I am looking to purchase my first wide-angle lens. Did you use a wide-angle for any photos above? If so, which one do you have? Thank you for your time & again, your work is beautiful. I wish I lived closer so you could photograph my family; I live in B'ham, AL. Thx again!

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