Jim and Trisha – Blackstock Winery wedding

May 23, 2010

This was a really tough wedding for me.  The venue (Blackstock Winery) was incredibly beautiful and everything was planned very well.  However you can’t plan the weather and can’t plan when people get sick.  It was raining when I got to the venue and things did not improve throughout the day.  The ceremony was held in an outdoor patio, so even though no special concessions had to be made for that, we still were not able to go out into the vineyard until very late in the day.

That is not the worst of it though.  The bride, Trisha, had become very ill on the day of the wedding.  She managed to make it through the ceremony, but shortly after had to be rushed to the hospital.  She was later diagnosed with a small brain tumor.  She expects to have surgery soon and make a full recovery in the upcoming weeks.

Out of all the times to get sick, one of the worst would be the day of your wedding.  None of us can predict these things though so you really can’t take anything for granted.  Once Trisha recovers, I hope to have an after-wedding session with her and Jim in their wedding clothes to make up for what we weren’t able to get on the day of the wedding. Maybe we can even go back to Blackstock for the session.

Until then, we are all wishing her a speedy recovery.

I am not posting my usual wedding set for obvious reasons, but here are a few pictures from the day:

Carol Peppers
13:07 May 24, 2010

oh my. My prayers go out to her and her family.

07:48 August 16, 2010

I read the article this morning and was so moved by the love of this family and their circumstances. What a blessing that they had you to document these precious moments.

20:42 August 16, 2010

Such a touching story. The AJC story is heartbreaking, my thought and prayers go out to the families and especially Jim for being her man and for keeping his promises. Glad you were able to help document their journey.

09:51 August 19, 2010

I hope she makes a full recovery. The images you posted are beautiful.

Allison Turner
12:37 September 8, 2010

Hi there. I am soo sorry. My prayers go out to your family. Can I ask who was the minister that conducted the ceremony? Looking for recommendations. Thank you

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