Brian and Megan – Centennial Olympic Park engagement

April 23, 2010

Had a really fun engagement session with Brian and Megan yesterday at Centennial Olympic Park.  One thing is for sure, every time you go to downtown Atlanta you’re sure to run into something interesting.  During the course of two hours I:

– Saw a knock-down drag out fist fight right in the middle of the park.  Beer bellied police officers came to the rescue about 20 minutes later after the whole thing was over.

–  Had a blast running through the fountain at the end of our shoot.  See the pics below :)

– Got my car booted by parking authorities.  I gave my parking money to a homeless man impersonating a parking attendant.  The ticket the homeless man gave me obviously was no good.  Too bad I didn’t realize that until I had a sticker on my window and two boots on my car.  Hard lesson learned.

Regardless, we got some awesome pictures.  Here are my favorites:

13:35 April 23, 2010

Really love these shots, Jamie!

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