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March 25, 2009

Well, I’ve got a fair bit on my plate at the moment.  2009 is shaping up to be a great year for me and I am still trying to gauge how much I can take on this year and still keep my sanity.  I currently have 22 weddings booked for 2009 with another two currently pending.  I took on 26 last year and was a bit too much for me.  I have told myself I am stopping at 25 this year.

May, June, August, and September are turning out to be extremely popular months.  I am absolutely packed for these months and just can’t accept another wedding in any of these months.  After September, I am fairly light though.  If you’re having a wedding in October 2009 or later, lets talk.

I’ve currently got a flurry of engagement shoots before Spring weddings start up big in April.  Now is really a great time to do them.  The weather is nice, the trees are starting to bloom, and I’m not loaded down in my scheduling.   Expect to see more engagements shoots than usual posted to my blog in the new few weeks.

I am also seriously considering making Finao albums my exclusive bridal album offering.  They are a little more pricey, but the quality, options, and style of these albums is very consistent with the image I want to project for myself and my photography.  The more I see of these albums, the more I like.  I am currently working on a 14×11″ album for Sara and Ryan that will look awesome when done.  I expect to order a large format Finao sample album sometime soon and if their album turns out well, I just might order a second copy of their album for myself.

This blog has been a huge success for me and my website.  I am really rather shocked at how many people visit.  In the first three weeks of this month, I have had over 1000 visits to my blog.  That is more than even my homepage, and over 10 times as many visits as my third most visited page.  I am trying reconcile how I am going to balance my blog and my image archive, since they are acting as similar functions for me right now.  The upside with the archive is that I can display more images without bogging people down with a data-heavy blog post.  I think for now I’m going to keep the archive for displaying complete “sets” images, and use the blog more for “previews” and to write down my personal thoughts.

I just made plans to spend a week at the beach in July (19-25) with my girlfriend and her family.  That will be *so* nice.  As much as I love what I do, everyone needs a break occasionally and I can’t think of a much better way to spend it than on a beach for a week.  I am putting a concerted effort into “destressing” more this year than I did last year.  This is a step in the right direction for sure :)

That’s all for now.  As usual, comments appreciated.

Charlotte Justine
12:44 March 31, 2009

Dude. Send some business my way! ;)

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