New Albums, February off-time

February 6, 2009

I have started offering high end Finao albums.  You can check out my information page by clicking “website links” at the top of the page.  Instead of the standard plain leather cover, we now have the options of metal, acrylic, canvas, and a wide variety of leathers and faux leather accents.  Finao albums have the reputation as being one of the most stylish and unqiue albums you can buy and I’m excited about offering them.  As much as us wedding photographers claim to be “artists”, I feel like we have handcuffed ourselves in the past with regards to albums.  Its time to step up and offer a more contemporary, edgy option.  I get to put together one of these for Allison’s wedding, which I’m going to start on this weekend.

I have also added a new line of coffee table books.  I have dubbed these my “premium” books and they mark a comfortable half way point between a standard press print book and an album.  The high gloss, hinged pages look *amazing* and are every bit as clear and crisp as a album page.  These books are relatively new to me, but in the few times I have shown them to couples, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  After seeing the premium album, I haven’t had anyone ask for the standard album anymore.  I will gauge interest in these products and make adjustments to my offerings in the future.  For now though, I’m offering both the standard and premium coffee table books.

Bookings were incredibly strong for the month of January.  I booked 10 weddings in January, with a couple more currently pending.  It is both flattering and extremely encouraging when people show this sort of interest and support for your work.  Unfortunately though, I cannot book every month as heavily as I booked in January.  I currently have 20 weddings on the books (with two pending).   After another 4 or 5 weddings, I’m going to be full for the year.

I have a lot of engagement shoots coming as soon as spring hits, but until then it is just too cold for couples to want to do shoots outside.  I can’t say I blame them either.   Until then, though, my February is wide open as far as bookings go.  If anyone out there is having a February wedding and needs a last minute photographer, drop me a line and we’ll work something out.  :)

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