Atlanta wedding photographer

Jamie Howell has been professionally photographing weddings in the metropolitan area and beyond for the last decade.  His unique and individualized style of wedding and engagement photography has been adapted from his days as a photojournalist with the Georgia Tech newspaper. Armed with passion and drive, and experienced with over 200 wedding shoots, Jamie Howell offers up his creative eye and technical skill for Atlanta wedding, engagement, and family sessions. He is a firm believer that capturing special moments will allow couples to cherish those memories for a lifetime.

While Jamie Howell is based in Atlanta, he has experience with destination wedding shoots and has captured weddings both stateside and abroad. As an experienced and professional wedding photographer, he has a broad range of wedding genres that he is familiar and comfortable in identifying instances that the bride and groom will want to remember. These genres include traditional American, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, and Muslim weddings.

You are invited to look through the authentic moments that have been posted in his online wedding moment portfolio. Many of these moments capture the first joys, laughs, and smiles of newly married couples. Please also take a look at the portfolios for wedding portraits, eastern weddings, engagements, and rings. If you find that you are inspired by his work and would like to learn more about having Jamie capture your special day, please use the online contact form. You may also call him or email him directly at 404-786-7062 or